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Striving to develop a society that is inspired by truth

A world is driven not by vague brand promises but by a cryptographic guarantee and the real value that individuals and institutions create.

In both our daily lives and the world's emerging markets, a cryptographically enforced system of contracts will reach new levels of economic fairness, transparency, and efficiency.

Through a combination of ethical academic research and an industry focus on user demands, we are empowering developers to construct feature-rich decentralized applications and giving global organizations a common gateway to all blockchains.

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Our Mission

To inspire the next generation of investors and make financial security a reality for everyone.

We are still in the early phases of a monetary revolution that will rebuild our society, redistribute wealth, and empower anybody to achieve financial freedom, regardless of the fact that digital currencies have been around for more than a decade.

The majority of the next generation of investors has yet to join, but in order for global decentralised finance to become a reality, they will need to understand how money works first and foremost. This is where APC comes in, by delivering tools and content that help individuals feel at ease with money while investing, allowing for unparalleled wealth creation prospects.



APC to Drive Futuristic Change in the Worldwide DeFi System!

Main Features


Technical, financing, and marketing cooperation, among other things, will be available for Defi projects


APC offers centralized exchanges' speed and eases to DeFi while staying completely trustless and transparent

Safe and Reliable

Trusted swap service that converts your BNB to APC Tokens quickly and effortlessly at any time


Low transaction fees and a speedier transaction experience are delivered through the APC

Seamless Experience

Experience the smooth and eye-catching user interface that is backed by powerful technologies

Transparent and Open

Transparent all around, everyone can examine the APC token's total supply, total reserve, and breakdown


The community is given the opportunity to vote, elect members, and shape the future of APC

Estimated Token Sales Details

The available detail here states our total estimated amount of APC token sales, which are subdivided per country. And we are quite determined in achieving our estimation. Come be a part in this achievement by buying APC Token!



Effective marketing begins with a clearly outlined token distribution strategy. 

April 2022 to July 2023

Apple ICO

2022 to 2023



Study fund 



Apple Exchange




International Exchange


Crypto Academy


Online shopping


Abroad studies


Topmost Exchange Binance, etc


Apple bank

Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

What is APC?

APC is created to start a revolution in the defi system. Which is a utility token based on the BEP20 standard. That protects your assets and removes banks from the equation.

Why APC Token?

APC token is a complete solution, providing users with a fully private, secure, fast, and decentralized solution.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a summary report that provides detailed information about the project, its originality, and the benefits it can give to the investors and the users of the final product, technological features, the team behind the project, the project's background, and future plans.

What is a token?

A token or a coin is a cryptocurrency unit issued during an ICO. Buying a certain amount of tokens allows the investors to crowdfund the project and ICO holders to raise funds. Every ICO issues a fixed amount of tokens/coins meant to be used as a potential source of profit once it goes on exchanges and/or as the currency used inside the project (purchases, service payments, etc).

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for "initial coin offering". It is a new form of the efficient and easy raising of financial resources. Any individual or a company can crowdfund any project or become an investor. Every ICO has two mandatory attributes – issuance of a fixed amount of the new cryptocurrency unit (token or coin) dedicated to the ICO and blockchain-based transactions.

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